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World Kindness Day

Get ready for World Kindness Day with kindness activities, printable worksheets, and more from Teach Starter! Created by teachers, every teaching resource in this World Kindness Day collection has been rigorously review by the Teach Starter teaching team to ensure it's ready for your classroom!

What Is World Kindness Day?

Maybe this is the first time you’re hearing about World Kindness Day? The whole thing kicked off in 2000 in Singapore, World Kindness Day is all about highlighting and encouraging good deeds in your home, classroom, and community. The people at the World Kindness Movement — the organization behind World Kindness Day — say “it serves as a reminder to all that simple acts of kindness have power and that together, we can all work to create a kinder world.” Currently, people (including kids) celebrate World Kindness Day in 28 countries, including the US, and there are plenty of random acts of kindness ideas your students can do on this day … or any other day of the year!

When Is World Kindness Day 2022?

World Kindness Day is always November 13, regardless of what year it is, putting it right between Election Day and Thanksgiving here in the United States. That means your class may not always be in school on the actual day (it’s a Sunday in 2022), but there are still plenty of ways to celebrate!

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