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Teaching pre-K this school year? Plan your pre-kindergarten lessons in half the time with pre-K worksheets, pre-k sight words activities, and more curriculum-aligned resources designed and curated just for pre-k teachers! Each resource in the Teach Starter pre-K collection was created by teachers and rigorously reviewed by the expert educators on our team to ensure it’s ready to be used in your classroom or hung proudly from a parent’s refrigerator. The collection includes pre-k math worksheets, pre-K and preschool learning games, and more digital and printable resources for the educational space. Best of all, we cover a wide range of curriculum topics so you can use Teach Starter pre-kindergarten resources in your Pre-K program to help your students communicate, develop English language reading and writing skills, encourage problem-solving and reasoning, and get hands-on to observe and explore the world around them.

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