Behavior Management Teaching Resources

Bring behavior management to the next level in your classroom this school year with behavior management strategies and systems, classroom rules and expectations, student and classroom reward charts, and more resources created by teachers for teachers like you! This collection of teaching resources was developed by the expert teachers of Teach Starter to save teachers valuable time with printable and digital options ready to be downloaded and used — no extra prep necessary! Just getting started with this part of your overall classroom management strategy? Jump in with this quick guide from our teacher team! 

What Is Behavior Management?

Behavior management is a proactive strategy for teachers to handle behavior in the classroom. By setting up solid student organization strategies, creating clear rules and expectations, and providing consistent feedback, teachers set students up for success. A good behavior management strategy will give students:
  • Specific expectations
  • Positive reinforcement when expectations are met
  • Fair and consistent consequences when expectations are not met
One of the most popular behavior management strategies these days is CHAMPS, which stands for Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement, and Participation. The goal is to provide students with an instructional structure that promotes responsibility and motivates students.

Why Is Behavior Management Important?

Strongly backed by research, behavior management strategies like CHAMPS have been shown to:
  • Provide students with a sense of connection to school and their peers
  • Promote a productive learning environment
  • Minimize classroom disruptions
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