Google Slides Teaching Resources

Browse and download thousands of Google Slides templates created by teachers just for your elementary school classroom and Google Classroom too! From Interactive Google Slides templates designed to draw students into learning to ready-made Google Slides set up for your morning meetings so you can just click a button, there are thousands of options in this expansive collection! Although Google slides were a thing before remote learning, they have certainly become more popular in recent years, and we've converted thousands of our printable resources into Google Slide templates ready for you to download and use in your lessons whether you're teaching in the classroom or virtually.

How Do You Use Google Slides in Google Classroom?

The best part about our step-by-step instructions for using Google Slides in Google Classroom is that there isn’t any time spent explaining the "how to" in regards to the design and creation of Google Slides. That’s because we’ve already done the hard work for you with our collection of beautifully designed Google Slides ready to go! All you have to do is:
  1. Download the Google Slide resource.
  2. Make a copy.
  3. Create an assignment in Google Classroom.
  4. Add the Google Slide from your Google Drive.
  5. Make a copy for each student.
  6. Assign!

What Are the Benefits of Using Google Slides in the Classroom?

With templates designed by teachers and rigorously reviewed by the expert teachers on the Teach Starter team, you'll find slides for just about everything you can think of in your classroom and then some. Here are some of the great benefits you'll quickly find! Google Slides are easy to grade — you can grade from anywhere ... even your own kids' after-school practice!
  • With Google Slides, it's easy to tell when kids are missing work.
  • Because of the digital nature, parents can easily see their students' assignments
  • There's increased accountability
  • There are extra supports in place for a teacher when parents question a student's grade
  • You can quickly shift from in-person to remote learning when necessary
  • Individual pages in Google Slides can be downloaded as documents, PDFs, jpgs, and in other formats so you can easily print and edit!
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