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Grade 5

Are you teaching 5th grade this school year? You're going to need fifth-grade worksheets, printable activities, downloadable games, and so much more! It's why we've created instructional slide decks, digital and printable worksheets, graphic organizers, and more to help your 5th graders flourish in math, science, and social studies, all while significantly improving their grammar and vocabulary. The Teach Starter teacher team has your back as you build on the foundation of 4th grade and explore pre-algebraic concepts or lead your students as they conduct research for essays. Whether 5th grade is the last (or second-to-last) year of elementary school in your district or the first year of middle school, this teaching resource collection has been built to help you help your students meet either Common Core or state-level standards — or both.

5th Grade Teaching Resources

We have math lessons and activities to help you reinforce complex concepts like exponents, decimals, operations with fractions, volume, and more.  Teach Starter's English language arts lessons will sharpen your 5th graders' reading comprehension and decoding skills to build their confidence in discussing and writing about a variety of texts they'll be exposed to. Plus, you'll find guided learning science projects and lab experiments that let your students get hands-on experience investigating the earth and space, matter, energy, and electricity to name a few.  Use the Learning Areas button below to explore more than 5,000 resources for these topics and more! 

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