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One More, One Less - Cut and Paste Worksheet

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Practice adding and subtracting 1 from a given 2-digit number in this cut-and-paste worksheet.

This 1 more 1 less worksheet is best used as independent or partner practice to support algebraic thinking and number pattern recognition lessons. 

To complete the worksheet, students find 1 more or less from 2-digit numbers and cut and paste the numbers in their appropriate spaces. 

In addition to individual student work time, this worksheet can be used for:

One More One Less Worksheet + Scaffolding and Extension Tips 

Encourage fast finishers to think of random 2-digit numbers (and 3-digit numbers) and then find 1 more and less of those numbers on the back of their worksheets. 

You can also stretch your students’ skills by using only the first page of the worksheet, requiring students to find the sums and differences without the answers already provided on the second page. 

For students who need more support with adding and subtracting 1, provide manipulatives like connecting cubes or base 10 blocks to help them visualize the concept. Students can also refer to a hundreds chart or other number display. 

Easily Prepare This Resource for Your Students

Because this resource includes an answer sheet, we recommend printing one copy of the entire file. Then, make photocopies of the blank worksheets for students to complete.  

Please also review our tips for how to turn this classroom resource into a sustainable activity: 

  • Print a few copies on cardstock and slip them into dry-erase sleeves. Instead of cutting, students can write the numbers in each column with a dry-erase marker, then erase and reuse. 
  • Print only the first page and have students add and subtract without the list of sums and differences to help them. 
  • Project the worksheet onto a screen and work through it as a class by having students record their answers in their notebooks.

Before You Download

Use the dropdown icon on the Download button to choose between the PDF or Google Slides version of this resource. An answer key is also included with this download.

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This resource was created by Allie Kleijnjans, a teacher in Pennsylvania and a Teach Starter Collaborator. 


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