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'Everyone Belongs' Vocabulary Flip-book

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PDF | 4 pages | Grades: 1 - 6

Define and discuss vocabulary words associated with diversity and equality using this flip-book writing activity.

Diversity & Inclusion Vocabulary — Curriculum Goals

Use this teaching resource when discussing cultural diversity and equality with your students. 

The inclusive vocabulary words students will explore are:

  • compassion
  • inclusiveness
  • respect
  • empathy
  • care
  • diversity
  • culture
  • belonging
  • unity
  • equality

Students can either look up each term in the dictionary or explain its meaning in their own words. Younger students can draw images instead of writing definitions.

By completing this activity, students demonstrate an ability to consult reference materials (e.g., dictionaries, glossaries, thesauruses) to find the pronunciation of a word or determine or clarify its precise meaning or part of speech.

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Scaffolding & Extension 

The vocabulary words in this activity can be used to complement your lessons on: 

And more! 

Assemble Your Equality Vocabulary Book

There are five words per page to define. Depending on the length and depth of your lesson, students can create one complete workbook or split the definitions into two separate flip-books.

To assemble the flip-books, combine the word and definition pages at the ‘glue here’ section. Students will then cut along the dotted lines on the top template to create the flip-book.

Prepare This Resource In A Variety Of Ways

Click the download button to save this file as a PDF. 

To turn this teaching resource into a sustainable activity, print a few copies on cardstock and slip them into dry-erase sleeves. Students can record their answers with a dry-erase marker, then erase and reuse. 

Additionally, project the worksheet onto a screen and work through it as a class by having students record their answers in their notebooks.

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