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Word Study List - Prefix Words

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Google Slide, PDF | 1 page | Grades: 1 - 3

Introduce and explore common prefixes with this extensive list of words.

A Library Positively Packed with Prefixes

A prefix is a group of letters that can be placed in front of a root word to change its meaning. Some common prefixes include re- (meaning “again”), un- (meaning “not”) and pre- (meaning “before”).

We’ve built some amazing resources to help you fill all of your prefix, suffix, and root word needs in the classroom this year. Here are a few of our favorites!

Image of Prefixes Interactive Teaching Presentation

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Prefixes Interactive Teaching Presentation

Teach your students to correctly identify, define, and spell words that include common prefixes with an interactive teaching presentation.

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageGrades: 3 - 5
Image of Interactive Suffix Activity-Google Slides

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Interactive Suffix Activity-Google Slides

Practice adding suffixes to words by identifying, defining, and matching them in context.

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageGrades: 4 - 6
Image of Greek and Latin Roots Anchor Chart Pack

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Greek and Latin Roots Anchor Chart Pack

Encourage vocabulary development with a set of 24 Greek and Latin Roots anchor charts.

Teach Starter Publishing25 pagesGrades: 4 - 7

This list of 50 words containing prefixes has been compiled to assist you in implementing your phonics program in your classroom. It includes words beginning with the following prefixes:

Find Prefix Words Using the Following

  • re- (as in rewrite)
  • un- (as in unlock)
  • pre- (as in preview)
  • dis- (as in discount)
  • mis- (as in mistake)

Multiple Applications for This Prefixes Word List

This list of words containing prefixes can be used in numerous ways to support the diverse needs of your learners during your literacy sessions. Here are some of our suggestions:

Use a List of Prefixes to Springboard into Latin and Greek Root Words

Many words in English come from Greek and Latin roots (hence the term “root word”). Project the word list onto your interactive whiteboard, and choose some words to explore in greater detail. For instance, the word  “recycle” comes from the Greek root word “cycl” (meaning “circle”). Coupled with the prefix re- (meaning “again”), the word literally means “to circle back again.” Exploring morphology is a highly effective way of deepening students’ understanding of our language and its workings. Why not assign particular list words to the students, have them research the etymology of the words, then report back to the rest of the class?

Reading and Spelling Prefix Examples Practice

Send the lists home so your students can revise decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling) the words on the list. Be sure to include only words containing letter-sound correspondences you have already addressed in class.

Show Me Word Parts Drill Activity

Provide the students with dry-erase boards. Read a root word from the list without the prefix. Have the students write down the missing prefix on their whiteboard. Call out, “Show me!” When the students flip their boards, take time to identify which students require further assistance with the concept. You can also combine this list with our Suffix list for additional Prefixes and Suffixes practice.

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