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Understanding and Managing Anxiety Teaching Presentation

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PowerPoint | 25 pages | Grades: 3 - 6

Teach your students about anxious feelings with this comprehensive guide to understanding and managing anxiety.

Teach Kids to Recognize and Combat Anxious Feelings with This Anxiety PowerPoint

Hester is about to recite a poem in front of his class. He does not like public speaking or being the center of attention. Hester’s teacher is sitting at the back of the room, ready to grade him on his performance. His classmates are staring intently at him, waiting for him to begin.

How might Hester be feeling?

If you suggested “anxious”, you would be 100% correct!

Unfortunately, the word “anxiety” is creeping into general conversation more and more these days. Even more alarming is the fact that the number of children being diagnosed with anxiety and depression is also on the rise. 

In light of this, it is vital that our children understand what anxiety actually is; how it affects our minds, bodies, and actions; and how it can be managed with the right strategies. 

This PowerPoint presentation has been created by a team of dedicated educators to support you in teaching your students about childhood anxiety. It poses (and answers) the following questions:

  • How do I know I am feeling anxious?
  • How does anxiety affect our thoughts?
  • How does anxiety affect our bodies?
  • How does anxiety affect our actions?
  • How can anxiety be managed?

Suggested Strategies Kids Can Use to Manage Childhood Anxiety

There are many strategies our students can use to manage anxious feelings when they arise. These strategies can help control anxious thoughts and actions, and can decrease the physical effects that anxiety has on the body. 

This PowerPoint explains the following anxiety-reducing strategies in detail:

  • Focused breathing
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Visualizing
  • Five senses grounding exercise
  • Positive self-talk
  • Sharing feelings
  • Rating the risk
  • Problem solving
  • Facing a fear

Take Learning Further with Our Additional Anxiety Resources 

This PowerPoint links to additional resources, such as videos and templates, that can be used to further support your students’ understanding of what anxiety is and how it can be managed. Several slides contain ‘Now You Try!’ activities to enable students to put the strategies they have learned into practice.

Download and You’re Done! 

This resource downloads as a PowerPoint template. Please use the Download button to access.

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