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QR Code 3-Digit Place Value Scavenger Hunt

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 17 pages | Grades: 1 - 2

A fun activity where students scan QR codes to go on a 3-digit scavenger hunt in the classroom.

Use this interactive teaching resource when exploring 3-digit place value.

Students use a QR code scanning app on a tablet to scan each QR code poster to reveal a clue to find the next 3-digit number.

To use this resource in the classroom:

  • print the set of QR posters
  • place the posters randomly around the classroom
  • place the students into pairs or small groups
  • provide each student with a recording worksheet
  • provide each group with a tablet where a free QR code scanning app has been pre-installed
  • instruct the students to begin their scavenger hunt at the ‘Start here!’ poster
  • students scan the QR code to reveal a clue
  • students read the clue then ‘hunt’ for the 3-digit number in the speech bubble that matches the clue
  • students record the numbers in sequential order on their worksheets.

Please note, the order of the QR codes and 3-digit numbers are in sequential order, from smallest to largest, starting with the ‘start here’ poster and finishing with the ‘finish’ poster.

Three blank posters have been included at the end of the resource to make your own QR code scavenger hunt posters. Simply Google a free QR code creator website, type in the clues then download the QR code to cut and paste onto the blank posters.

We used the “Quick Scan” app  — it is available for free through the App Store for iPads, and is also free to download for Android.

Check out this awesome video which will clarify these instructions and get you ready to set up this place-value activity in 60 seconds flat!



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