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Mixed Operations Minute Math Booklet (Lower-Level Version)

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 14 pages | Grades: 3 - 5

Jump into your math lessons with this ten-page mental math booklet covering the four operations and number patterns.

🧠 Mental Math Practice 

This mental math booklet is the perfect addition to your warm-up routines. Throughout the booklet, students will practice selecting appropriate mental math strategies to complete the questions as well as improve their previous scores and the time taken to finish the round.

Pages 1–8 have three rounds with 15 questions in each round. There is also a maze at the bottom of each page. The final two pages have 20 questions with mixed operations in each round.

This booklet is designed to be used with your math lessons three days a week for ten weeks! Topics include:

If you are looking for a more challenging version of this minute math booklet, check out the higher-level version of this resource.

How to Implement a Math Drill Warm-up

This booklet can serve as an easy math lesson warm-up and will become a routine exercise that your students become familiar with. It serves as a focusing activity when coming back into class after recess and allows them to switch into classroom mode.

Follow the suggested implementation below:

  1. Display a timer on an interactive whiteboard or screen.
  2. Write the page number on the board for students to see.
  3. Once all students have their math drill booklets ready, begin the timer, and students begin the drill.
  4. Once a student has completed the round, they note down the time it took them to complete it.
  5. They then can color the front page, complete the maze on the current page, or quietly read while other students finish the task.
  6. When all students have finished, have a student read the answers while the rest grade their work.
  7. Students write down how many questions they got correct for the round.

Booklet Printing 🖨

This resource downloads in PDF format. It includes three answer pages at the end of the document. Print these worksheets off double-sided and staple them together on the left-hand side.

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