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CVC Phoneme Manipulation Worksheets - Short E

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Manipulate the individual phonemes in “short e” words with this set of differentiated CVC words worksheets.

No Prep CVC Worksheets for Kindergarten!

The ability to distinguish and manipulate the distinct sounds in words is a fundamental aspect of phonemic awareness. When learning this skill, it is best to begin with some of the easiest words in our language – CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant).

This set of differentiated worksheets allows students to manipulate the phonemes in “short e” CVC words to create new words. Students change either the beginning or ending sound to transform a word into an entirely different one magically!

For example, The word “hen” becomes “ten” when the initial letter h is changed to the letter t.

Differentiated CVC Worksheets? Yes, Please!

We understand that there is a huge range of diverse learning abilities in any primary classroom and that catering to every child’s needs is never easy! That is why we have provided not two, not three, but FOUR differentiated versions of this worksheet, allowing you to cater to above-level, on-level, and below-level learners… and anything in between! Each set of worksheets has subtle differences, as outlined below:

  • Option 1: Students look at the picture and read the word. They manipulate the beginning or ending sound to create the new word shown by the picture, then write it in the boxes provided.
  • Option 2: Similar to Option 1, with the inclusion of a letter bank at the bottom of the page for students to draw from when writing the new word.
  • Option 3: Similar to Option 2, the letter that needs to be changed on the initial word is underlined to provide additional support to students.
  • Option 4: Students look at the picture and read the word. They manipulate the beginning or ending sound to create a new word of their choice. No image is provided.

Answers for all worksheets are also provided.

Multiple Applications for This CVC Spelling Worksheet

These “short e” CVC spelling worksheets have been designed to complement your phonics program. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Whole-class instruction (via a smartboard)
  • Reading center
  • Independent practice or extension
  • Homework

Easily Download This Resource for Your Students

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Because this resource includes an answer sheet, we recommend you print one copy of the entire file. Then, make photocopies of the blank worksheets for students to complete.

Don’t forget to consider more sustainable options for delivering this resource, such as digital lesson delivery.

This resource was created by Kendall Britnell, a teacher in Colorado and a Teach Starter collaborator.


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