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5th Grade Math Review – Google Slides Interactive Activity

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    Grade:  5

Review important 5th-grade math standards with a student-led interactive activity that covers 12 different mathematical concepts.

5th Grade Math Test Prep

With this downloadable resource, students will read the directions in the slideshow. First, they sort the 12 standards into categories based on their confidence level. They get to choose standards to work on based on their self-evaluation. Each standard is linked to an accompanying slide that includes notes about that skill as well as practice problems. Teachers need to assign a specific number of required tasks to be completed. Implementation suggestions include: require one task a day during your math review days, or a total of 3, or just give students a designated amount of time to work on as many of the tasks as they can. Ideally, a teacher could assign this slideshow for independent student completion while the teacher is meeting with a small group. While this is intended for use near the end of fifth grade, it would also be a great resource to use early in the 6th-grade year to help refresh students’ memories on previously learned standards.

Students will practice concepts such as:

  • Comparing and ordering decimals
  • Dividing unit fractions and whole numbers
  • Area, perimeter, and volume

And much more!

The goal of this resource is to provide an engaging student-led resource for reviewing 12 of the main standards studied during 5th-grade math.

Tips for Differentiation + Scaffolding 

A team of dedicated, experienced educators created this resource to support your math lessons.

In addition to individual student work time, use this activity to enhance learning through guided math groups, whole class lessons, or remote learning assignments. 

If you have a mixture of above and below-level learners, we have a few suggestions for keeping students on track with these concepts: 

🆘 Support Struggling Students

To support students, there are notes already embedded in the slideshow to provide help. Additionally, students can use their resources in the classroom, such as anchor charts, math notebooks, a peer tutor, a calculator, or a teacher. You can also reduce the workload/choice element by assigning a specific standard to work on daily.

➕ Challenge Fast Finishers

Ask students needing a challenge to complete all standards as a review. Then, ask them to create a slide with notes and practice questions, and an answer key for a 5th-grade math standard that is not in the slideshow already, such as unit conversions.

Easily Prepare This Resource for Your Students

Use the Download button to access the editable Google Slides version of this resource. There also is an answer key included for fast and easy grading!

Assign this interactive activity in Google Classroom. Please be sure to open in Edit mode, not presentation mode. 

This resource was created by Lorin Davies, a teacher in Texas and a Teach Starter Collaborator. 

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