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2D and 3D Shape Flashcards

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PDF | 20 pages | Grades: K - 5

Explore 2D shapes and 3D objects with this set of 20 full-page flashcards.

Is It 2D… Or Not 2D?

That is the question! But you don’t need to resort to Shakespeare to teach two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes to your students… all you need is this comprehensive set of shape cards!

Use this set of 20 flashcards depicting various 2D and 3D shapes to help your students identify the names and attributes of these key geometric figures.

These versatile cards can be used for a variety of whole-class, small-group, or independent learning activities. Read on for some great suggestions!

Multiple Applications for These 2D and 3D Shape Cards

There are so many possibilities when it comes to using these shape posters in your Math lessons. Here are some options you might like to try.

  1. Geometry Toss – Spread the shape posters on the classroom floor. Give one student a beanbag. Say the name of one of the shapes, or describe a shape according to its attributes. The student must then try to toss the beanbag so that it lands on a matching 2D or 3D shape.
  2. Attribute Sort – Place several hula hoops on the classroom floor. Ask students to place the posters in the hula hoops according to specific attributes. Start off with a small number of hula hoops, then add more as the students become more confident with the task.
  3. Show Me! – Provide the students with mini whiteboards and a marker. Show or project each shape in turn. Have the students write down a particular attribute of the shape, depending on your instructions, e.g., What is the name of this shape? Is this shape 2D or 3D? How many lines of symmetry does this 2D shape have? Students then flip their boards to show their answers.

What Shapes Are Included?

Read on for a comprehensive list of the 2D and 3D shapes included in this resource.

2D Shapes

The 2D shapes included in this resource are as follows: circle, square, rectangle, equilateral triangle, right-angled triangle, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, decagon, rhombus, trapezium.

3D Shapes

The 3D shapes included in this resource are as follows: sphere, square-based pyramid, triangular prism, rectangular prism, cylinder, cube, and cone.

Tweak the Printing Options to Suit Your Needs

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This resource has been designed with each shape taking up one landscape page. Should you wish to print the posters at a smaller size, you can do this by choosing to print multiple posters on each page via your printer options.

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