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Rhyming Words

Have a Bit More Rhyming Fun!

A collection of rhyming word activities for kindergarten and first grade, including rhyming games for kids, rhyming word worksheets, and interactive Google Slides rhyming activities.

Why Teach Rhyming Words?

Rhyme is an important concept in preschool and kindergarten because the ability to recognize, blend, and manipulate the sounds in words is critical to developing reading and writing skills. Rhyming also helps children improve their oral language skills, lays the groundwork for spelling and written language, and develops predicting skills—a reading comprehension strategy.

Teaching Rhyming Words for Kindergarten

Teaching rhyming words doesn't have to be difficult. Tons and tons of rhyming word worksheets, lessons, and activities are ready to go in our collection! Need an idea for a rhyming word activity? Keep reading!
  • Print, display, and discuss rhyming word anchor charts. You can co-create some word family posters with your students.
  •  Play rhyming word games like Four-in-a-Row, Bingo, and Rhyming Word Memory.
  • Print a set of rhyming word flashcards and tape one or two to the wall outside your classroom door. As students enter the room, have them tell you a rhyming word to enter.
  • Rhyming word sorts are perfect for giving young readers an opportunity to put their hands and minds on rhyming words and word families.
  • Provide lots and lots of practice; perhaps with a set of Rhyming  worksheets for kindergarten and first grade.
  • Send home a rhyming words list for parents to use at home for additional practice.

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