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Alphabet Interactives

Make learning the ABCs as easy as 1-2-3……or as easy as drag and drop! The Google Slides Interactive Alphabet collection contains resources to engage readers when practicing letter-sound identification. Download digital teaching resources created by teachers for teachers! Each resource in this alphabet activities collection integrates easily with Google Classroom and other learning management systems, and each has undergone a rigorous review by the teachers on the Teach Starter team so you don't have to spend precious planning time re-working the resource to make it work for your classroom.

Interactive Alphabet Activities for Kindergarten

With these ABC activities, students will show they understand one-to-one letter-sound correspondences with digital alphabet activities while simultaneously working on dexterity and computer skills!

New Themes for Each Alphabet Slide Show

Each of our interactive letter-recognition activities comes with a unique, letter-sound theme that will catch your learners' attention. Here are a few of our favorites!

15 teaching resources for those 'aha' moments