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U.S. Mountains and Rivers - Student Research Workbook

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Google Slide, PDF | 1 page | Grades: 3 - 6

Research and write about the different major mountains, rivers, and land features in the United States with a printable workbook.

Discover U.S. Physical Features with a Research Project

Are you teaching your students the significant physical features of the United States? We’ve got the perfect resource to help you broaden their horizons and learn about our great country. We have a vast and beautiful continent, and young learners need to know more about the land features found in the United States

With this research workbook, students are tasked to research and perform the following tasks surrounding each land feature.

  • Locate major landforms on a United States map
  • Identify states and surrounding landmarks for each landform
  • Describe each significant landform in their own words
  • Find and write down two fun facts about each landform. 

What are the Major Land Features in the United States?

Through this activity, students will research and write about the following major mountains, rivers, and land features in the United States.

  • The Rocky Mountains, 
  • The Appalachian Mountains, 
  • The Rio Grande, 
  • The Mississippi River, 
  • The Hudson River,
  • The Gulf of Mexico, 
  • The Great Lakes, 
  • The Continental Divide,
  •  The St. Lawrence River.

This resource is also available as a Google Slides Interactive Activity. Check the library for an alternate version.

A Variety of Ways to Prepare This Resource

This resource works well as an individual activity, learning station, or whole group learning activity. 

Print this resource as a packet for easier distribution. Once received, students will separate the pages, cut them in half, and stack them to form a booklet.

Before You Download

Use the dropdown Download button to download this resource’s PDF or Google Slides version. 

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