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Innovative Americans Mini Book

Teach Starter Publishing
| Grades: 4 - 6

Meet some of the most innovative and world-changing Americans with a printable mini book.

Introduce Your Students to Inventors and Scientists Who Changed the World

We often take for granted the luxuries we have in our everyday lives: electricity, machinery, and even peanut butter. We have these things thanks to some incredible inventors of the past. Some of the things we use regularly, some even daily, were brought to us by influential Americans.

Influential Americans – Texas Curriculum Standards

Introduce your students to 8 influential American scientists and inventors who changed history with their ingenious ideas. Discover the men who created the airplane, the first man to walk on the moon, the creator of the cotton gin, and more!

This instructional mini-book will help you teach your students about this these amazing Americans in an engaging, exciting way that will make them want to learn more.

The mini-book contains short reading passages and activities that highlight the following historical figures.

  • John Deere
  • Neil Armstrong
  • George Washington Carver
  • The Wright Brothers
  • Eli Whitney
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • Thomas Edison
  • Benjamin Franklin

Easily Prepare This Resource for Your Students

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This resource was created by Ali Endlich, a teacher in South Carolina and Teach Starter Collaborator.


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