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Halloween Teaching Resources

Looking for Halloween classroom decorations, Halloween classroom activities, Halloween art projects for students, and more ways to have a spooky good time this October? From printable worksheets to hands-on activities, the teachers of Teach Starter have created everything you need to make this fall holiday one to remember. This Halloween teaching collection includes Halloween ideas for teachers from pre-school to kindergarten, first grade to sixth grade, with options for reading center activities and math center activities, Halloween coloring pages, Halloween word search printables, and more!

When Is Halloween 2022?

We know teachers have a lot on their plate, so just a reminder: Halloween is celebrated on October 31 in 2022 (and every year). This year, Halloween will be celebrated on a Monday, so Tuesday may bring tired students and a whole lot of candy into your classroom!
Maybe it's your first Halloween as a teacher, or you're looking for some new ways to celebrate at school! From carving pumpkins with our students to handing out treats to costumed kiddos, our teacher team has pulled out all the stops for this holiday over the years. Here are a few tips from their years in the classroom to try with your class!
Try some of the best fun Halloween activities to celebrate in the classroom with these not-so-scary ideas for teachers:
  • Make Halloween slime (it's green) in your science classes to explore chemical reactions and the relationship between liquids and solids
  • Make Halloween Page Biter bookmarks in the school library to keep the pages of books safe!
  • Print Halloween bookmarks to hand out to trick or treaters in your school
  • Roll to create a spooky Halloween art project
  • Use pre-K and kindergarten students' hands and feet to create fun Halloween characters (think vampires, monsters, ghosts, and pumpkins) with green and orange paint, googly eyes, and more.
  • Learn about nocturnal animals with a study of bats.
  • Dive into the skeletal system with an exploration of bones — and some spooky skeletons!
  • Explore our entire Halloween collection for more teacher-created Halloween ideas!
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