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Goods and Services

Make your goods and services lesson prep a snap this school year! Download printable coloring and sorting goods and services worksheets and digital activities that allow kindergarten, first-grade, and second-grade students to explore the difference between a good and a service. With these teacher-created resources designed for your social studies unit, students will learn about:

  • goods
  • services
  • supply
  • demand
  • scarcity
  • producers
  • consumers
  • and more
Each printable and digital resource in the Teach Starter goods and services teaching resource collection has undergone a rigorous review by our expert teacher team to ensure it meets Common Core and state standards and is aligned to the curriculum.

What Are Goods and Services?

Teaching economics lessons to kindergarten, first-, or second-graders this year or for the first time in a while? Goods and services is an important part of social studies instruction for primary-aged students as they begin to make sense of how communities function. Goods represent physical items that are produced by producers and sought after by consumers. Services are also sought after by consumers and provided by producers, but they're not tangible.

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