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Growth and Fixed Mindset Poster - Talking to Myself

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PDF | 2 pages | Years: 1 - 7

Highlight the difference in language between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset with this handy poster.

Growth Mindset Self-talk

This poster is a perfect reference tool for students who struggle with negative self-talk. We’ve all heard ‘I can’t do it’, ‘this it too hard’ plenty of times and this poster aims to reframe these fixed mindset examples into growth mindset opportunities.

Examples of growth mindset language include:

  • This may take some more time and effort from me.
  • I need to go back and look at what I’m missing.
  • I can always improve, so what can I do to make this better?

The poster also includes an example of ‘too easy’ talk where students might rush through work if they think a task is too easy.

Ways to Use a Growth Mindset Poster

Use this poster in multiple ways to help students leap out of the learning pit.

  • Print the poster on A3 paper and display it in your classroom for students to reference when doing independent work.
  • Print the poster on A4 paper, slip it into a clear sleeve, and have it on hand when working with small groups.
  • Print on thick card and place on a binder ring. Hang up in a position where students can access.

Before You Download

This resource downloads as a PDF and contains two different characters for you to choose from.

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  • Deborah Fuller

    I think there may be a spelling mistake. Left hand column I am just 'so' good, should the 'so' be a 'not' as it is in the neg self talk column?

    • Paul (Teach Starter)

      Hi Deborah, Thanks for pointing that out! We'll take a look at it straight away.

  • Erica Flato-Beckett

    I love this but is it possible to have one with both a boy and girl rather than 2 separate posters with a boy and girl on each?

    • Royce (Teach Starter)

      Hey Erica, thank you for contacting us about your resource idea. Having both characters on the same poster would be a fantastic idea. Could I please ask that you make a resource request. The more votes you get, the quicker we can get this resource made. You can make a resource request by following this link: https://www.teachstarter.com/request-a-resource/

  • Kylie Wauchope

    Love this, thanks.

    • Jill (Teach Starter)

      Thanks for your lovely feedback Kylie!

  • Kelly-Ann Cumming

    Awesome resource! Love it!

    • Jill (Teach Starter)

      Thank you for your kind feedback Kelly-Ann. I'm happy to hear you like the poster! Kind regards Jill