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  • Go to Exploring 4-Digit Place Value Unit Plan unit plan

    unit plan

    Exploring 4-Digit Place Value Unit Plan

    This Mathematics unit addresses a range of place value concepts involving 4-digit numbers.

    Teach Starter Publishing 1 page Year: 3 Has Starter Sheet
  • Go to Changing States Unit Plan unit plan

    unit plan

    Changing States Unit Plan

    This Chemical Sciences unit addresses how changes in state from solid to liquid and liquid to solid can be caused by adding or removing heat.

    Teach Starter Publishing 1 page Year: 3
  • Go to The Missing Mona Lisa - Integrated Learning Adventure unit plan

    unit plan

    The Missing Mona Lisa - Integrated Learning Adventure

    The Mona Lisa has vanished! This immersive tale of lies and intrigue takes students on an adventure to the Louvre, France. Can your students find the clues and crack the case?

    Teach Starter Publishing 159 pages Years: 5 - 6
  • Go to Acclimatised Civilisations – Unit Plan unit plan

    unit plan

    Acclimatised Civilisations – Unit Plan

    This Geography unit investigates how people have migrated and adapted to different environments around the world, developing culture and resources. Students need to use their mapping and investigation skills to understand landscapes, climates and environments and where they are in the world, and why people migrated to them.

    Teach Starter Publishing 240 pages Year: 5

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