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Looking for classroom display ideas to brighten up the classroom and wow students in the school hallways? From back-to-school specific displays to  to printable classroom posters, this teacher-created collection has everything you need to knock your students' socks off!

Classroom Display Tips

Our Teach Starter teacher team has put up many a classroom display up over all the years in classrooms, so before you download your next classroom display, we need to divulge a few hard-earned tips!
  1. Use a fabric backdrop. Display paper is great, but fabric is better! The best part, you can re-use the fabric each year and it lasts forever. Also, changing up the display won't leave you with rips in the paper.
  2. Don’t bother stapling all of your cut outs to your classroom display right away. Instead, you can use thumbtacks so you can step back, eye up what’s level and what isn’t, then move things around.
  3.  Use a permanent marker to hide staples. Find a marker that matches the colour of your cut outs, and poof, the staples disappear!
  4. Start hanging words in the middle. Building out from the centre helps ensure you keep things even!
  5. Use clothespins. Planning to make a student work classroom display? Glue tacks to the back of clothespins to display student work easily on your displays.

What Makes a Good Classroom Display?

  • Remember your classroom displays set the mood for your classroom. Make sure you consider this when planning out what displays you want to set up at the beginning of a school year.
  • Displays should be learning devices, not distractions.
  • Use some display banners or customisable bunting to create headings for displays to make it easy for students to know what each display is about.
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