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Sketchy Shapes-Themed Editable Desk Name Plates

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| 1 page | Years: P - 3

Customise and edit these fun Sketchy Shapes desk name plates for students in your class.

Using Desk Name Plates in the Classroom

Desk name plates are a tried-and-true way of indicating where students sit in your classroom. Not only do they help you remember where they sit but they also help casual teachers, support staff and other students!

These name plates also include handy visuals for your students to reference during their learning including letters, numbers and their name written using the school font and handwriting lines of your choosing.

Whether you have a brand new class or are wanting to re-theme your room, editable desk name plates are the perfect resource for your classroom theme.

Customisable Sketchy Shapes Desk Name Plates for Your Classroom

Fun patterns are a great way to jazz up your classroom decor. Use these Sketchy Shapes desk name plates to display the names of your students on each of their desks.

Geometric patterns are a creative way to explore concepts of symmetry, tessellation and 2D shapes. Why not give your students a special pattern pad where they can work on their own geometric patterns and share them with the class.

These desk name plates can be personalised by choosing from multiple options to best suit the needs of your class.

The editable options on these customisable desk name plates include:

  • the name of the student
  • the letters of the alphabet (in both upper and lower case)
  • number lines (choose between 10, 20 and 30)
  • left and right hands.

You can also choose your state’s school font and font lines to help your students become familiar with correct letter formations.

Easily Prepare the Desk Name Plates for Your Students

You can download these desk name plates as is and write your students’ names; however, if you are looking to save time – hit the ‘customise’ button!

We’d recommend printing your students’ desk name plates out on thick white durable card. Once you’ve printed them it’s time to adhere them to your students’ desks. Our hot tip is to use Velcro dots or Velcro strips – this means that you can remove the desk name plate when the desk is getting cleaned!

If you have students in your class that are tempted to fold the corners of their desk name plates. Another way to utilise the benefits of desk name plates without the hassle of tattered corners is to have a ‘desk folder’ for your students. This could be where they keep all their work for the week that they need to get out at the start of each day – adhere their desk name plate to this folder.


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