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Clean Up Australia Day 2023 Teaching Resources

Get your students ready for Clean Up Australia Day 2023 with printable worksheets, activities, craft, and more teaching resources for primary teachers! This collection of resources was created by teachers to help students understand the importance of sustainability and the impact of rubbish on their community. Curious about how to incorporate this event into your lesson plans or how to celebrate Schools Clean Up Day? Read on for a quick primer from our teacher team to maximise the success of your event!

What Is Clean Up Australia Day?

Clean Up Australia Day is an annual event held on the first Sunday in March in which volunteers gather to clean up litter and other waste from beaches, parks, and other public areas. The event was first held in 1990, and it has since grown to be one of the largest community-based environmental events in Australia. It has thousands of volunteers participating each year, including teachers and students from schools around the country. The goal of the event is to improve the health of the environment and raise awareness about the issue of litter and waste. rubbish bin sorting activity for kids to use on clean up australia day This makes it a perfect time to put real-world application to students' understanding of waste and sustainability topics! It's a chance to educate students about the importance of keeping the environment clean and the impact of litter on wildlife and the ecosystem.

When Is Clean Up Australia Day 2023?

Mark your calendars! Because it is always celebrated on the first Sunday of March, Clean Up Australia Day will fall on falls on the 5th of March, 2023. The organisers at Clean Up Australia have also announced its dedicated Schools Clean Up Day will be Friday 3 March.

How to Participate in Clean Up Australia Day

Looking to go beyond in-class activities? Schools can participate in Clean Up Australia day by organising a clean-up event at a local park, beach, or another community area. Your school can involve students, staff, and parents in the event. and everyone can work together to pick up litter and debris. Register your clean-up event with Clean Up Australia to receive materials and resources to assist with the event!

Organising your Class' Clean-Up Effort

If you haven't already, head straight to Clean Up Australia Day's official webpage. Register your school and order your pack, which includes bio bags for collecting rubbish and gloves for teachers/supervisors. If your pack doesn't arrive in time, you can buy biodegradable garbage bags and biodegradable gloves at Biome. Don't forget to nominate yourself as the Site Supervisor using this form.

What Your Students Will Need

Leading up to your event, chat with your students about appropriate protective clothing they'll need to wear. As you'll likely be going off the footpath, ensure they wear covered, closed shoes. As it's still summer, they'll also need to wear a wide-brimmed hat and plenty of sunscreen. They should also bring water bottles along with them (you could transport these in a plastic clothes basket).

What You'll Need

Prepare thoroughly by popping together a little kit of Clean Up Australia Day necessities. Here's a suggested list of items:
  • a mobile phone in case of an emergency
  • tongs and heavy-duty gloves to remove sharp objects
  • first aid kit and instructions
  • bins/skips for rubbish and recycling (contact your local council or clean up)
  • sunscreen and spare hats
  • antibacterial hand sanitiser
  • a clipboard with extra Volunteer Registration Forms and copies of the Accident and Incident Report
  • Risk Warning Poster and tape.

Getting the Community Involved

Looking for volunteers to help with your Clean Up Australia Day event? Why not invite parents, grandparents and community members along? Extra adult hands can be very helpful in assisting kids in collecting rubbish and to talk to them about the importance of what the day is all about. Ask volunteers to arrive 15 or 20 minutes early for the event so that they can fill out a Volunteer Registration Form. Even if they're registered online, a paper form must be kept for every volunteer. It's also a great idea to hold an informal volunteer briefing to outline plans for the day and talk about general housekeeping rules!

After Your School Clean-Up Event

At the completion of your event, your role of Site Supervisor still requires a few more things!
  • Return the Volunteer Registration Forms to Clean Up Australia no later than 1 month after your event has taken place.
  • Complete and return the End of Clean Up Report (this helps the organisation to prepare an overall annual Rubbish Report).
  • Organise certificates for your volunteers.
  • Print and present your school’s certificate!
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