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Garbage Bin Posters - Rubbish, Recycling and Compost

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Posters outlining what can be put in the different types of bins.

Rubbish Bin Reminder Posters

Print these posters and use them as a reference for your students when learning about recycling and different types of waste management. They can also be used as reminders for the bins in your classroom and what types of rubbish go in each one.

How to Make the Most of These Rubbish Bin Posters 

This set of posters has been created to support your students’ knowledge about waste management, but they’re also great to start a conversation around National Recycling Week and the importance of understanding where our rubbish goes. You may wish to use it in the following ways:

  1. Print the posters and display them in your classroom as a reminder of where rubbish goes when students’ are in the classroom.
  2. Use the display as a stimulus for a group discussion. Ask the students to explore what types rubbish they have in their lunchbox and where each item would belong.



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    I would love it if the name of the rubbish bin was changed. At our school we call it the landfill or waste to landfill bin so students are continually aware of where what they put into the bin goes and that all the items put into landfill are a waste of resources rather than rubbish. The change in language has made a big difference to how students think about "rubbish" .

    • Kristian

      Hi Robyn, Thanks for your suggestion. Please feel free to submit a change request by visiting the resource page, scrolling down to the comments section, then clicking "Changes & Updates". This will submit a request that other members can vote on. If your request is popular, we will create it! If you have any questions along the way, please let me know. I'm happy to help!

  • Kirsty Gray

    Love all the compost resources, thankyou! Could we possibly get some 10c recycle or redcycle work for sustainability? Or bin label systems for school? or beeswax wraps work? Any alternatives for choices in sustainability would be awesome :-)

    • Kristian

      Hi Kirsty, Thanks for your suggestion. Please feel free to request a resource here: https://www.teachstarter.com/request-a-resource/ Requests are voted on by the Teach Starter community. We create the top request each week. Please let me know if you have any further questions, I'm more than happy to help.