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Boho Rainbow Classroom Decorations Teaching Resources

Bring a boho rainbow look and feel to your classroom this school year with printable decorations from the teachers of Teach Starter! This collection of classroom decor resources has been carefully curated to include everything you need to make this the year of the rainbow — bohemian style! From student name tags to classroom display borders to welcome signs and calendars, you can outfit your entire room with just one collection.

What Is Boho Rainbow?

Maybe you've heard other teachers talking about this popular classroom theme, but you're not quite sure what they're talking about. No worries! Our teacher team has got you covered. A boho rainbow is a rainbow — curved lines stacked on top of one another — but there are a few key factors that make this decorating idea a bit different from a traditional colourful rainbow you might see in some classrooms:
  1. Instead of following the traditional red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet colour scheme, a boho rainbow is monochromatic. That means it includes darker and lighter versions of the same colour or colour family alternated throughout the rainbow.
  2. The curved lines of this type of rainbow tend to be thinner and taller than a traditional rainbow.
  3. There may be additional embellishments on this type of rainbow such as a cross-hatch pattern or dots.
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