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Birthdays Teaching Resources

Celebrate student birthdays in the classroom with printable happy birthday charts, displays, activities, certificates, and gifts for students, and more teaching resources designed by teachers for your classroom! This carefully curated collection of birthday resources has undergone review by the expert teachers at Teach Starter to make sure you're set to make birthdays fun and exciting in the classroom with a mix of birthday decorations and printables that can be used for celebrations. Most of the teaching resources included by our teaching team are editable, so you can personalise them to make your students feel extra special.

Birthday Gifts for Students From Teachers

Looking for some ideas for birthday gifts for students in your class that won't be too costly? It's best to avoid junk food, and you may want to check with the DoE regarding rules around birthday gifts. If gifts get the thumbs up, here are some ideas from our teacher team:
  1. Bookmarks — They're easily printable right here on Teach Starter, and they are perfect for any year level!
  2. A birthday crown — Your early years students will love the chance to be royalty for a day in your classroom, and they can take it home to show off to parents and carers! Our printable crown template can be used on thick card so it will last!
  3. Pencils with fun erasers. It's a bit obvious, we know, but these gifts have heaps of uses in the classroom!
  4. Adopt an animal. This is a fun 'gift' for all your students all year long — adopt an animal for your whole class, and use students' birthdays as a fun chance to check in on your class animal!
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