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Text Features Worksheet

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Google Slide, PDF | 1 page | Grades: 3 - 5

A worksheet to record different text features found in a piece of text.

Are your students still confusing some of the text features found in nonfiction text? You are definitely not alone! This worksheet is an easy (and flexible) way to give those students the extra practice they may need to master this skill!

Ways to Use This Worksheet in the Classroom:

  • Slip a copy of this resource in a dry-erase sleeve and place it in a reading center with a piece of nonfiction text. Students must write (or draw) an example of each text feature from the nonfiction text in the appropriate box. When they are done, they simply wipe clean!
  • Use this resource with your guided reading groups when practicing text features. Give each student a copy of a nonfiction text and this resource. Review a text feature with your students, then have them find an example in their text. Once they have an example, they write or draw their example in the appropriate box.
  • Looking for a way to review text features with your entire class? Give each student a copy of this resource. Project a nonfiction piece of text (or parts of a nonfiction text) onto the screen and have your class write or draw the text feature shown on the board in the appropriate square on the worksheet.
  • Wanting your students to be a bit more active? Why not create a gallery walk for students! Post our Text Features Flashcards, around the room, making sure to cover up the name of each text feature on the card. Number each flashcard using a small sticky note. Assign 1–2 students to each flashcard. Using this worksheet as their recording sheet, they will rotate through the cards writing the number found on the flashcard in the matching text feature box, e.g., if the flashcard showing a caption is labeled #5, students will write 5 in the box labeled caption.

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This resource was created by Meagan Lee, a teacher in Texas and a Teach Starter Collaborator.


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