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Save Santa's Workshop – Escape Room for Kids

Teach Starter Publishing
PowerPoint, PDF | 26 pages | Grades: 3 - 5

A fun and festive escape room activity where students solve clues to save Santa's Workshop.

Crack the Codes, Save the Workshop!

This holiday-themed escape room activity is the perfect activity for your class to demonstrate their teamwork and communication skills in the days leading up to winter break!

Will Your Students Save Christmas? Solve the Escape Room Puzzles and Find Out!🎄

The Save Santa’s Workshop Whole-Class Escape Room includes instructions to help implement the game and introduce the scenario that your students will enter.

There are notes that can be distributed to students to introduce the game as a shared reading experience or a one-page introduction you can read aloud to the class.

The locations where students will need to visit and solve clues include:

  • The Wrapping Room – students find particular presents based on logical descriptions
  • The Candy Cane Chutes – students tinker with rotating sections of an elaborate maze that can cause their paths to change
  • The Assembly Line – students determine how much material they need to use based on a flow chart that shows how to convert some items into others
  • The Reindeer Stables – students interpret cryptic clues to determine which reindeer stables are important
  • The Mail Room – students decipher a message written in a special, holiday code.

An Interactive Christmas Escape Room

Be sure to download the interactive PowerPoint attached as a drop-down menu item! This anchors the whole experience and allows the students to test if their final combination is correct.

  1. Open the PowerPoint and start the Slide Show from the beginning slide. This is an engaging first look and is sure to grab your students’ attention!
  2. Click the ‘Begin’ button (or anywhere on the screen) to proceed to the lock that your students will need to open.
  3. Once your students have their final combination, they can enter it into the lock. If they are correct, an animation will play, unlocking the vault and displaying all the presents! If they are incorrect, the lock will flash an ‘Incorrect’ message and will automatically reset. The students will need to check their answers and try again.

A Differentiated Activity – Kids Escape Room for Multiple Levels

This experience caters to multiple ability levels. While the way each puzzle needs to be solved remains the same, the skill level required differs. There are three separate Workshop Induction Booklets (the worksheets the students will use) with different shapes on the front cover to help you differentiate. They are:

  • circle – two-digit addition, one-digit multiplication and division
  • triangle – two- and three-digit addition, one-digit multiplication and division, knowledge of mixing primary colors
  • pentagon – the above, plus simple order of operations, multiplying numbers by 100, knowing what the term ‘product’ means

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