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Roll to Create a Superhero Character

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 1 page | Grades: 2 - 6

A fun, hands-on activity using a die and a chart to create a superhero to include in a comic.

Use this teaching resource as a writing stimulus in your classroom.


  1. Roll the die and match the number rolled with a row on the chart.
  2. See which superhero body is on that row (in the “1st Roll” column).
  3. Draw the body on a piece of blank paper.
  4. Roll again, match the number to a row on the chart and see which head your superhero will have (in the “2nd Roll” column).
  5. Draw your superhero’s head on the body.
  6. Continue until you have created your superhero.
  7. Decorate your superhero, create a background, and choose a superhero name!

Once students have created their superhero character, have them write their own comic using one of these comic strip templates.

This is a fun and engaging activity to include in a writing center.

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