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Personalized Positive Self-Talk Statements - Worksheet

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Google Slide, PDF | 1 page | Grades: 3 - 6

Face challenges with positivity and a growth mindset by compiling a personalized list of positive self-talk statements.

Overcome Challenges and Beat Self-Doubt with Positive Self-Talk 

Self-talk is a practice that we all partake in… whether we realize it or not! The way we talk to ourselves during our “inner dialogues” can have a huge impact on how we respond to the world around us, and the challenges it throws our way. Self-talk can be a positive force that drives and motivates us, or a negative force that undermines and depletes our confidence.

The research is clear – positive self-talk has many advantages! It is vital that our students start using positive self-talk as early in their school career as possible! It has the ability to:

  • Improve self-esteem
  • Increase motivation to overcome challenges
  • Reduce symptoms related to stress and anxiety
  • Increase a sense of being in control
  • Create a growth mindset 

Use Positive Self-Talk to Encourage a Growth Mindset in Kids

This social-emotional learning worksheet has been designed to guide students in developing a personalized set of positive self-talk statements that can be drawn upon at any time they might need a little positive inspiration. Sentence stems for the statements include:

  • I like and value myself because…
  • When things are challenging, I can…
  • If I make a mistake, it is okay because…
  • When things get tough, I can be grateful for…
  • I am lucky I have the opportunity to…
  • Trying new things is worthwhile because…
  • I have the power to change the way I…

Once your students have completed their statements, have them keep them somewhere where they will be seen regularly and can be accessed easily, e.g. a homework book. Students may like to choose one of their favorite statements to write on a card and attach to their desk for daily inspiration.

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