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Multiplication Grid – Worksheet

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 3 pages | Grades: 3 - 5

A simple multiplication facts grid for students to practice their facts.

Use these multiplication grid worksheets as a math warm-up activity with your students at the beginning of a math lesson or as a weekly multiplication test.

Multiplication Facts Maths Drill

Recalling multiplication facts helps students become more fluent when solving math problems. Implement this resource as a daily math drill by setting a timer and having students complete the full grid. Once they finish, students write the time it took to complete the grid, and then you can check them with the class. Then, students make note of how many errors they made.

Have students focus on beating their personal best. Whether that be reducing the number of errors they made or beating their previous time.

Use Known Facts

Seeing the big empty grid may be daunting for some students. I would often tell my kids to fill in the “easy” squares first. They can then use these known facts to help with determining the adjacent squares.

Fact Focus

Why not attack the grid in chunks? Each week, focus on a specific set of facts for students to fill in, starting with the easier facts and building up to the entire grid.

Print off 5 grids for each student in your class. They will assign one grid for Monday, another for Tuesday, and so on. On Monday, they pull out their Monday grid and only complete the facts the class is working on, e.g., facts of 2. Then, on Tuesday they pull out their Tuesday grid and again only practice filling out the facts of 2 rows. They continue only focusing on those rows the entire week, trying to speed up their time each day. Then, the following week, they will focus on the next set of facts using the same grids, e.g., facts of 5.

Extension Opportunities

Included in the resources is an extended version of the multiplication grid. This includes various multiplication facts ranging from 6 to 25. Provide this version to students who can recall multiplication facts up to 12.


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