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Metric Units of Measurement – Poster Pack

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Google Slide, PDF | 4 pages | Grades: 4 - 5

Use this set of metric conversion posters when learning about units of length, weight, and capacity.

Use These Metric Conversion Posters in Your Classroom Today!

Are your students struggling to remember the different types of metric units and how to convert them? This can be a tricky skill, especially since the metric system is not a common standard of measurement in our day-to-day lives. When teaching about the metric system, it is important for students to understand the meaning of the different prefixes (milli-, centi-, kilo-, etc.). While not all of the measurements may be familiar for all students, understanding how the prefixes relate to each unit is important to understand the relative size of each. These posters can make a great addition to your measurement conversion unit.    

With this poster pack, students will have a visual representation showing the different types of metric units and how to convert within them. The poster pack includes one poster for:  

  • Metric Units of Length
  • Metric Units of Weight
  • Metric Units of Capacity
  • Standard Units of Time

How to Make the Most of Your Metric Conversion Poster Pack

  1. Print the poster and display it in your classroom for students to reference when doing independent work.
  2. Print the poster on letter-size paper, slip it into a clear sleeve, and use it in your guided groups as a reminder.
  3. Print the poster on letter-size paper, slide it into a clear sleeve, and hang it on a ring as a reference tool for a learning center. 

We’ve also come up with bonus ways to turn posters into interactive tools that really make your lessons stick! 

📝 Create a fill-in-the-blank worksheet by removing selections of text.  

📂 Place copies in students’ homework folders for reference. 

💻 Provide posters as digital resources for virtual students. 

🧠 Test students’ memories by showing them the poster, then hiding it and having them tell you what they remember.

✅ Incorporate posters into your lesson wrap-up: students write on a sticky note what they learned from the lesson and place it on the poster. 

Before You Download

This resource can be downloaded as a color PDF or editable Google Slides file.

Fill your classroom with more posters and interactive displays!


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