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Map of The United States - Labeling Activity

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Discover the location and position of America's states with this labeling activity.

A Blank Map of America to Label

Are you venturing on an adventure into United States geography with your students? This labeling activity can be used in a multitude of ways in your classroom. The resource download contains:

  • A blank map of the United States
  • Labels for the states

Multiple Uses for This Blank Map of the United States

Here are some suggestions for using this labeling activity in your classroom:

Whole-class mapping activity (via smartboard)

Print the resource, then cut out the labels. Project the color poster onto your interactive whiteboard. Have students take turns coming to the board to add the labels to complete the map.

Independent mapping activity

Provide students with a copy of the resource to paste into their workbooks. Have the students work independently or in small groups to add the labels to the map.

Tips for Scaffolding and Extention

  • Some students may not yet be familiar with all of America’s states… and that’s okay! Support them by allowing them to access an atlas or digital mapping tool while completing the activity. Students with lower-literacy skills may also need support reading the labels.
  • For those students who are confident in their geographical skills, why not challenge them to write questions about the map of America for a partner to complete? Encourage them to draw upon key map features, such as cardinal directions, when writing their questions.

Download, Print, Teach!

Use the Download button to access the full-color PDF. We recommend enlarging the document to Tabloid size.


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  • Jennifer Ingram

    You keep cutting off the top of WV in your state maps. I can't use any of them because of this.

    • Kristian

      Hi Jennifer, Thanks for pointing this out to us. I have updated this resource with higher accuracy and we will revisit our other United States mapping resources and improve on them also. If there is anything else I can assist you with, please don't hesitate to contact me.