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I Have, Who Has? Game - Silent Letters

Teach Starter Publishing
Google Slide, PDF | 1 page | Grades: 2

Review silent letters in one- and two-syllable words with this whole-class literacy game.

I Have, Who Has? A Silent Letter Game

Are you looking for a silent letters resource to use as a whole-class activity? Look no further! This whole-class game is the perfect way to keep your little learners engaged while consolidating their understanding of silent letters! 

This resource includes five different sets of game cards. Each set includes 24 “I Have, Who Has?” cards. 

  • Set 1: Mixed Silent Letters
  • Set 2: Silent W and Silent K
  • Set 3: Silent T and Silent H
  • Set 4: Silent G and Silent B
  • Set 5: Silent L and Silent N

How to Use This Silent Letters Activity

This game works best as a whole-group activity but could also be used in a reading center. If used as a  small group activity, give each student multiple cards, so the game continues to flow as intended.

  1. Give one card to each student. If there are not 24 students in your class, provide a few students with an additional card. If you have more than 24 students in your class, have a few students share a card. 
  2. Once each student has a card, the student who has the “START” card begins the game by reading their card. The student who has the/word reads their card.
  3. The game continues until the last student reads the “STOP” card. You can play again with the same set or try a different set of cards! 

For an extra challenge, why not time the students to see how long it takes to complete the game?

Select Your Version, Download, and Print!

Use the dropdown arrow on the Download button to select the particular set of cards you wish to access. The mixed silent letters version of the resource will download as the default PDF. Alternatively, you can download the Google Slides version of the resource, which contains the complete set of cards.

Print one version of the resource, then copy the game cards on cardstock for added durability and longevity. Place all pieces in a folder or large envelope for easy access.

This resource was created by Anna Helwig, a teacher in Arizona and Teach Starter collaborator.


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