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Halloween Bulletin Board Set – Wrapped Up in a Good Book

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PDF | 1 page | Grades: 1 - 6

Download a printable Halloween bulletin board set for your classroom library or school library. Showcase your students’ insightful book reviews with our Halloween-themed classroom display.

🦇 We’re Batty for a Good BOO-k! 📙

It’s almost Halloween, that spooky season when black cats prowl dark corners and eerie jack-o’-lanterns line pathways. 

It’s also the perfect time to dust the cobwebs off your favorite book, curl up in your coffin, and settle in for a creepy read!  

Use this resource in your classroom to create a Halloween bulletin board for students to summarize and rate the books they’ve read. 

How to Create Your Halloween Bulletin Board

The resources included in this download are:

👻“All Wrapped up in a Good Book” display banner

🦇Book review templates (2 per page)

🕯️Decorative Halloween cutouts

🎃Jack-o’-lantern border

Print the book review templates and cut each page in half. Provide ½ sheets to students to complete their book review by filling in: 

  • Name
  • Book title
  • Author
  • Rating (color in the crescent moons)
  • Summary

To help younger students, fill out the sheet for them or provide it as homework to complete with their caregiver. Young students can dictate their answers and have a grown-up write for them.

Use the decorative elements to assemble a creative bulletin board display of your students’ book reviews!

Prepare This Resource for Your Classroom  

Please note that clicking on the Download button will save only the banner element to your computer. Use the dropdown icon on the Download button to select either (or both) the classroom banner or the templates.  

Print the decorative elements on cardstock and as many pages of the border and embellishments needed to surround your display. 

Verify your banner’s print settings:

  1. Open the banner PDF file in Adobe Reader.
  2. In Adobe Reader, click on the printer icon to bring up the print settings box.
  3. In the print settings box, click on the ‘Poster’ tab.
  4. Adjust the ‘Tile Scale’ until you have the desired layout displayed in the preview section.
  5. To print in color, be sure to uncheck the “Print in grayscale” option on the print settings box. 
  6. Once you’re happy with the preview layout, click ‘Print’!

Frame your classroom bulletin board with the banner and decorative pumpkin border. Collect students’ book review sheets and hang them within your display, accessorizing the surrounding area with bats, pumpkins, candles, and all the decorative elements! 


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