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Fractions on a Number Line - Halves, Quarters, and Eighths

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Demonstrate the concept of fractions on a number line with a printable number line display and student reference sheets.

Fractions on a Number Line – Teaching Tools

Ask any upper elementary/middle school teacher what the most challenging math topic to teach is…and you’ll most likely hear a chorus of FRACTIONS! They’re tough, and to make it tougher, students transition from the standard visual models (pie, bar, etc.) that they know and love to look at fractions on a number line. Step over onto the fourth and fifth-grade fraction railroad, dive into mixed numbers and equivalent fractions, and then the train falls off the track. Sometimes, they just don’t get it, and you have to find a way to help them over the hurdle.

That’s where we come in. We’ve put together a visual model of fractions on a number line to help both you and your students. This resource download includes an enlarged fraction number line for you to use as an instructional tool and two printable versions for your students to use during math lessons. With the visual model, students can identify the wholes, halves, quarters, and eighths as they appear between zero and two. We’ve also made sure to mark fractions with equivalents and note those in different colors. This model stretches across three pages and is easily assembled with some tape to connect the sheets.

Printable Fraction Number Lines for Kids

We’ve included two variations of the number line for your students to use as reference tools.

  • Version 1 is a fully complete number line, perfect for lamination and everyday use as a reference during lessons.
  • Version 2 is an entirely blank number line on which students record the fractions as they appear during instructional sessions. This version can be a note-taking tool, exit ticket, or formative assessment.

Download and Print Your Number Line With Fractions

This resource downloads as a quick-print PDF file. All you have to do is click the download button, print your file, and make your copies.


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