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Elf Escape! - Digital Escape Room

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Google Slide, PDF | 5 pages | Grades: 1 - 3

Help Elfy, the classroom Elf escape the locked classroom and return to the North Pole with an exciting escape room!

Elf Escape! Digital Escape Room Activity

Oh no! Elfy the Classroom Elf has accidentally gotten locked in the empty classroom during Christmas break! He has to escape the classroom before everyone comes back to school! Help Elfy escape before everyone returns, and send him on his way back to the North Pole!

We ♥️ Christmas Escape Room Activities Like These!

This Elf escape room makes for an ideal rainy-day activity, a fun Christmas activity, and an even better “last day before Christmas break” filler activity. Divide students into pairs or teams and provide each with a guidebook and a copy of the Google Slides file. Each guidebook contains challenges that reveal numbers, symbols, and codes to help your students determine the correct location of the key to unlock the classroom door.

To use, give each student (or group of students) a guidebook. Project the main escape room slides and guide students through the different interactive activities as you progress through the slides. Directions are included on each slide. Make sure to read the directions and guide students to complete each puzzle before moving to the next slide. 

Whatever the reason you incorporate it in your lesson, students will use teamwork and problem-solving skills to develop their vocabulary and language

Scaffolding + Extension Tips 

Scaffold the activity for your students by

  • Reading the introduction and discussing the mission before beginning.
  • Put students in teams of 3-4 students, ensuring that you have a stronger reader in the mix to assist with reading.

Easily Prepare This Fun Christmas Game

Use the dropdown icon on the Download button to download both files. You will find the printable PDF guidebook and the Google Slides Digital Escape Game.

This resource was created by Lisamarie Del Valle, a teacher in Florida and Teach Starter Collaborator.

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  • Megan Taylor

    These are so great! I need one for winter!!