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Classroom Equipment Signs - Spanish/English

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 31 pages | Grades: PK - 3

97 signs to label equipment in Spanish and English in your classroom.

Use these signs to label classroom equipment to help your students learn the spelling or to identify where equipment is kept.

Cards include:

pencils, pens, glue stick, magazines, stencils, craft sticks, linking cubes, markers, workbooks, pencil sharpeners, Handwriting journals, calculators, printer, whiteboard markers, 3-D figures, 2-D shapes, beaded strings, journal, bookshelf, desk, whiteboard, clock, chalkboard, water bottles, lunch boxes, notebook paper, smocks, paint, tape, blocks, lunches, puzzles, stamps, stamp pads, Spelling games, LEGO, Homework journals, money, Base-10 blocks, Geoboards, copy paper, books, bulletin board, colored paper, interactive whiteboard, iPads, shelves for books, Literacy journals, Reading journals, Writing journals, paper clips, stapler, number lines, scissors, scrap paper, rulers, cars, snacks, dolls, hundreds charts, highlighters, Grammar games, trash can, recycling, balls, Grammar journals, Social Studies journals, Science journals, colored pencils, magnetic alphabet, Math games, chair, door, window, Math journals, computers, easel, dice, counters, tissues, erasers, paint brushes, aprons

We also have a Classroom Equipment Signs – English/Spanish version available to download.

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teaching resource

Classroom Equipment Signs - English/Spanish

97 signs to label equipment in English and Spanish in your classroom.

Teach Starter Publishing31 pagesGrades: PK - 3


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