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Zentangle Patterns

Add zentangle patterns to your teacher toolkit with dozens of fun zentangle art projects for elementary school classrooms! Designed by the Teach Starter team of teachers, these crafty art projects help students learn about patterns, and practice mindfulness, plus they're perfect for your bulletin board at the holiday time!

What Is Zentangle?

Created by a monk named Rick Roberts and an artist named Maria Thomas, Zentangle art is focused on drawing structured patterns, promoting relaxation. Artists using this form will typically use pencil or pen to draw their patterns, creating small abstract works of art. Zentangle patterns also offer plenty of freedom — making it the perfect art activity for kids in your classroom to relax and have fun!

How to Draw Zentangle Patterns

Zentangle often starts with dots, which are then connected to one another by lines which form a border. Next the artist will add "string," essentially lines within that border which portion off sections of the drawing space. Finally, they add "tangles" or strokes of the pattern. Finally, students can practice shading to bring something extra personal to their classroom art project!  

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