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World History

Take a Trip into the Past with World History For KIds

No need to keep fumbling around looking for World History worksheets, lessons, and activities to use in the classroom during your World History block. We've put them all together in one neat collection for you. In this collection, you can,
  • Print a handy world history timeline for kids, perfect for teaching about World War 2, The Civil Rights Movement, and more.
  • Print history reading passages and uncover loads of "Did you Know? Facts for kids.
  • Study famous historical people like Henry Ford, Susan B. Anthony, and even Milton Hershey with passages, projects, presentations, and more.
  • Research interesting historical events and build note-taking skills for your upper elementary students.

History is Fun!

Use Teach Starter resources to help you teach all of your fun (and not-so-fun) curriculum standards. We've combined a blend of literacy and Social Studies lesson plans to get you moving.
  • Try our WW2 resources to find materials to help you teach the major events, leaders, outcomes, and effects of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.
  • Find a whole collection of World War 2 books for kids that you can print and have ready in a matter of minutes.
  • Print cut and paste timeline worksheets and activities to build sequencing skills.
  • Learn about World War I and how it contributed to WWII.
No matter the topic, we can ensure you'll find something to support your World history lessons and save yourself some planning time with our printable history worksheets, projects, teaching slides, and other classroom materials.  

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