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World Geography Teaching Resources

Have you been searching the world (wide web) for printable world geography worksheets and digital teaching resources this school year? Get ready to dive into a collection of curriculum-aligned resources created by teachers and rigorously reviewed by the expert teachers on the Teach Starter team! Meet Common Core and state-level standards with world geography resources designed with your classroom in mind. Our world geography resource collection takes kids of all ages on an educational journey that includes key geographic concepts such as learning cardinal directions, understanding the difference between longitude and latitude, and how to identify the 7 continents, and the 5 oceans. With fun puzzles, map skill worksheets, and teacher created-student-approved resources, students will quickly learn to embrace the world around them with our geography printables.

Geography for Kids Teaching Resources

This collection includes a large selection of map skill resources such as: Within this geography category, you will also find resources that support the teaching of the sub-strands, which includes:
  • countries
  • environments
  • flags
  • world landmarks
  • reading and labeling maps
  • me-on-the-map activities
  • landform identification activities
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