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Place Value Chart

Need blank place value charts and printable value charts for your math lessons? Dive into our favorite place value resources for elementary school, created by teachers and curated by the expert educators on the Teach Starter team!

What Is a Place Value Chart?

Place value is the term that describes the value of each digit within a numeral. A place value chart is a table or chart that students use to find the value of each digit based on its position in a numeral. It is also sometimes called a place value table. By using a place value chart, students can learn to compare and order numbers and to write out numbers in expanded form.

How to Use a Place Value Chart

These charts are handy tools for students as they help learners who are still building their math skills to correctly identify the worth of each digit within a multi-digit number. Students can place a particular number in their place value chart, determine its value, and then figure out two-digit, three-digit, four-digit, and larger numbers. To read a place value chart, students work their way left or right. For example, if you start from the "ones" place, you can go left one space to the "tens" place, then on to the "hundreds" place and so on. As students enter the intermediate grades, they begin to learn about numbers to the right of the decimal point (tenths, hundredths, thousandths, etc.). The place value of a digit increases by ten times as students move left on the place value chart.  The place value decreases by ten times as they move right.

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