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Multiplication Charts

Download printable multiplication charts for students in your math classes to use as handy reference points! This collection of multiplication charts — or multiplication tables if you prefer — will help students find multiplication facts and support memorization of their times tables. Individual and desk-sized versions of this mathematical tool are available for printing, allowing students to take home a version to help with their math homework. Blank multiplication charts are also available.

What Is a Multiplication Chart?

A multiplication chart is a table that shows the product of two numbers that have been multiplied. The chart is set up in grid form, with one set of numbers written along the top of the chart and another set of numbers written along the left side. Within the rectangular chart is an array of numbers representing the product of multiplying a number from the side of the chart with a number at the top.

How to Read a Multiplication Chart

In order to use a multiplication chart to find a particular multiplication fact, here are some simple steps for students to follow:
  1. Determine the factors of the problem.
  2. Find the first factor in the numbers listed in the column on the left-hand side of the multiplication chart.
  3. Find the second factor of the problem in the numbers listed on the top row of the multiplication chart.
  4. Using your fingers, trace along the row that begins with the first factor until you reach the column that starts with the second factor. The square where these two numbers meet is the product!

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