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Mother's Day 2023 Teaching Resources

Celebrate Mother's Day 2023 with teacher-created resources designed for an inclusive classroom. Download printable Mother's Day card templates and Mother's Day gifts students can create in your elementary classroom. Explore Mother's Day classroom activities created by our team of expert teachers from around the United States. Each Mother's Day resource has been curated by our teacher team to ensure teachers from pre-K through sixth grade have options for this May holiday. Looking for help with your planning for Mother's Day in the classroom this year? Our teacher team has you covered!

When Is Mother's Day 2023?

First thing's first: When is this holiday going to happen? Mother's Day is traditionally celebrated on the second Sunday in May. The holiday will be marked on May 14, 2023. Of course that means Mother's Day isn't a school day, but if you're incorporating Mother's Day activities into classroom planning, you'll want to finish everything up by the weekend so students can celebrate with moms, grandmas, and other loved ones.

How to Celebrate Mother's Day in the Classroom

Mother's Day can be fraught for many students — after all, there is no one specific kind of family in the US, and not every child will have a mom at home. Be sure to consider these kids when deciding whether or not to celebrate Mother's Day at all, and be inclusive of their feelings. If you've considered it and decided that this is just right for your class of students, here are a few of our teacher team's favorite ways to celebrate Mother's Day with elementary students:
  1. Have students create cards or crafts for a mom or someone special as a class project. This gives students a chance to practice handwriting, letter writing, and other skills with real-world application.
  2. Have students write essays or stories about their mothers, grandmothers or another loved one for the holiday and share them with the class. Again, this is a great way to practice writing skills while also creating a special memento.
  3. Have students make and decorate a flower pot. This can be a great science lesson wrapped into the spring holiday.
  4. Create a ‘Memory Lane’ corner in your classroom.  Students can bring in a photo of their mother (or another special person) and write a brief message on what they love the most about their mother. This is a great chance to practice using describing words.
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