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Make teaching metaphors a walk in the park this school year with simile and metaphor worksheets, metaphor activities, and more teaching resources designed to engage your ELA class! Created by teachers and rigorously reviewed by the expert teacher team at Teach Starter, each printable and digital resource in this metaphor teaching collection is ready for you to download and use in your classroom with editable options for easy differentiation. Teaching poetry this month, or exploring the various meanings of words and phrases as part of your literacy standards? You'll find curriculum-aligned activities to help students understand the meaning of metaphors, task cards and games to differentiate between metaphor, simile, and other forms of figurative language, and more!

Metaphor Examples for Students

Teaching metaphors for the first time this school year? We've already used "a walk in the park," and there are plenty more  metaphor examples to use in the classroom to help students better understand this form of figurative language. Try a few favorites from our Teach Starter teacher team to start the classroom conversation!
  1. Cristina said the math test was a piece of cake.
  2. My class was a zoo with the substitute teacher yesterday!
  3. The cat was a shadow, slinking down the dark alley.
  4. There was a sea of people at the museum during the field trip.

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