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Meet the Teacher

Get ready for Meet the Teacher night with teaching resources designed by an expert teacher team. With editable meet the teacher letters, meet the teacher templates, and more, this collection is designed to set you up for success!

What Do You Do on Meet the Teacher Night?

Maybe you call it a back-to-school night or an open house? Those apply too! Meet the Teacher Night is your best chance to talk face-to-face with parents in an environment that isn't emotionally charged. Think about it: You haven't had to call the parents in for a Meeting (with a capital M), and it's early enough in the year that parents are yet to have questions and comments about their kids' grades. How much time you will have with the parents varies from district to district — some schools have a specific timetable, while others allow parents to float in and out of classrooms. Here are some things to do on Meet the Teacher night:
  • Provide parents with the best way(s) to contact you — Do you prefer email? A phone call after the day ends? Let them know!
  • Touch on some of the topics you'll cover, any big projects their children might be doing, books they might read, etc.
  • Fill parents in on classroom rules and procedures — Homework and behavior, expectations, daily schedules, you name it, parents want to know it.
  • Inform parents of important events that will occur during the year such as state testing, class trips, etc.
  • Sign up parent volunteers!
  • Gather contact information for parents — You may already get this from the school, but if you use a texting system to inform the entire group of parents about important things, now's the time to get numbers and allow parents to opt-in. If your district doesn't collect and share that information, use this handy parent information collection sheet to do the trick.
  • Share parent surveys — You may opt to send these home on day one, but it's always great to share to parents in person who didn't fill them in (or whose kiddos didn't quite get the chance to return them)!
  • Answer questions!
  • Schedule parent/teacher conferences — Meet the Teacher night is a great time to get parents to self-select the times that best work for them! Print a ready-made conference scheduling template to make it easy!

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