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Map Skills

Everything you need for teaching map skills in your classroom has been brought together in one place by the Teach Starter team! Find map skills worksheets, teaching resources about cardinal directions, longitude and latitude activities and more — all created by teachers for your elementary classroom! Each curriculum-aligned teaching resource has been rigorously reviewed by our teacher team to ensure it meets standards, has been fact- and spell-checked, and is ready to be downloaded and used in your geography lessons!

What Are Map Skills and Why Are They Important?

New to teaching this social studies skill this school year? Map skills can be described rather simply as what students need to know in order to read a physical map, however this crucial elementary skill goes far beyond that. Map skills help students to develop their spatial thinking, learning to take in data and interpret it. With a map, students get visual data that they can then put to use — calculating the distance between two points, for example, or determining where a river flows to better understand why a road cannot extend in that direction. Map skills also help students better understand symbols and their relationships to pictures, objects, and distance as students get acquainted with the various map elements such as a compass rose and scale. To help aid your class in developing the map skills they need to meet Common Core and state standards this school year, our team has created both digital and printable resources with activities and worksheets ranging from the primary grades to upper elementary! Looking to extend your map skills lessons? Print blank maps of the United States and each of the 50 states!

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