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International Dot Day

Celebrate International Dot Day in the classroom with printable Dot Day activities, Dot Day-themed math worksheets, Dot Day bookmarks, and more to boost your students' creativity and help encourage bravery and courage! These Dot Day resources and Dot Day ideas were all created by teachers to help make your Dot Day activities a success for your students and you!

When Is International Dot Day 2022?

International Dot Day will be held on Thursday, September 15, 2022. This global celebration of creativity, courage, and collaboration, is typically held around the 15th of September, depending on whether or not that day occurs during the school week. In 2022, International Dot Day will be held on a Thursday.

What Is Dot Day at School?

International Dot Day can be celebrated by adults or kids, and it can be celebrated anywhere. But if you're celebrating Dot Day at school with students, this is a chance to teach children that they should all "make their mark" on the world! Dot Day at school can be celebrated with creativity challenges, dot-themed STEM activities, and more to have a Happy Dot Day! Download the Dot Day activities and Dot Day ideas, and you may find you can use them again on National Polka Dot Day on January 22!

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